Supporting climate prosperity with climate resilience and a high share of renewable energy futures

The Financial Future Center’s main objective is to support developing countries catalyze an economic transformation to launch a decade of progress with 5-years of fast-tracked action aimed at ultimately achieving, by 2030, “climate prosperity”, or the reversal of systemic climate vulnerability towards becoming systemically climate resilient economies.


Support Financial Climate Risk-Based Analysis

To support developing country governments, civil society/development partners, and the investment community…

Enable Access to Climate Finance

To provide analytical support to catalyze sustainable economic transformation in developing countries…

Secure Growth, Resilience, and Stability

To support Climate Prosperity Plans in order to secure economic growth, resilience and stability in developing countries …

Key Issues

Cost of Capital Challenges

New Investment Needs

Financial Protection Gap

Just Transition

Public Finances and Fiscal Practices

Lack of Recognition of Renewable Energy Wealth and Energy Efficiency for Economic Gains

Our Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the Financial Futures Center.