Climate Prosperity Plans

The Climate Prosperity Plans Program supports country-led strategic investment plans put socio-economic outcomes first while simultaneously embedding climate resilient and zero or low carbon results as intrinsic by-products of “climate smart” design. 21st century prosperity demands integration of economic and climate agendas, presenting also new opportunities to drive truly resilient growth. Climate Prosperity Plans are purpose-built to expand finance mobilization across a range of sources for climate vulnerable developing countries infrastructure and economic programs to promote both robust socio-economic progress and reduce emissions while building greater climate and disaster resilience, including to safeguard SDG progress to 2030 and macroeconomic stability.

Macro Financial Policy

The Macro Financial Policy Program is part of a consortium of experts which convene as a Task Force on Climate, Development and the International Monetary Fund utilizing rigorous, empirical research to advance a development-centered approach to climate change at the IMF. It is imperative that the global community support climate resilience and transitions to a low-carbon economy in a just manner, and the IMF’s role in supporting a globally coordinated response is vital.

Financial Institutions

The Financial Institutions Program aims to propel operational changes in the financial markets through market participants in ASEAN and financial institutions in climate vulnerable developing countries to recalibrate processes towards an economic and financial transformation through capacity building efforts (e.g., guidelines and frameworks).