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The Financial Futures Center main objective is to support developing countries catalyze an economic transformation to launch a decade of progress with 5-years of fast-tracked action aimed at ultimately achieving, by 2030, “climate prosperity”, and the reversal of systemic climate vulnerability towards becoming systemically climate resilient economies. This goal can be achieved by seeking the improvement of key socio-economic growth outcomes: national and disposable income, poverty reduction, investment, jobs, economic stability, trade balance, and other critical socio-economic results – by optimizing core economic and climate responses together within the real economy.

Supporting developing countries pursue climate prosperity can exceed or ensure early achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and be well on track to emerge, at the latest by 2030-2050, as wealthy nations achieved through strongest possible climate-smart economic growth. To do so, there is also a need for systems change to the global economy and parallel and supportive contributions of major economic actors, including private sector, international financial institutions (IFIs), multilateral development banks (MDBs), and the development assistance and economic cooperation between the Vulnerable Group of Twenty (V20) Ministers of Finance, the Group of Twenty (G20) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).



Enable Access to Climate Finance
To provide analytical support to catalyze sustainable economic transformation in developing countries by enabling effective access to climate finance, mobilizing strategic responses from the economic and finance community and scaling up financial resources for climate action in developing countries.
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Support Financial Climate Risk Based Analysis
To support developing country
governments, civil society/development
partners, and the investment community with different types of economic and financial climate risk-based analysis and data to support informed decision-making on investment and technological pathways to achieve maximal resilience and high shares of renewable energy.
Secure Growth,
Resilience and
To support Climate Prosperity Plans in order to secure economic growth, resilience and stability in developing countries despite anticipated constraints imposed by the climate crisis.

Distinct Challenges

Recognition of distinct, regionally specific, nationally determined challenges of developing countries.

Country Ownership

Support for country ownership and country-driven processes that enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and builds in-country capacity.

Resource Mobilization

Promote the mobilization of international, regional and domestic support through appropriately balanced support to adaptation and mitigation, scale, predictability, debt sustainability, and accessibility.

South-South Collaboration

Promote South-South expertise, collaboration, and fostering of innovative solutions in finance, technology and policy.

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Sara Jane Ahmed



Eunjoo Park-Minc



Louise Brown

Senior climate finance advisor, Africa


Dr. Eric Twum

Country Director, Ghana

Jwala Rambarran


Marzio Colantuoni

Research Analyst

Hashan Jayakody

CPP Analyst

Hamz Haroon

Hamza Haroon

Country Director, PAKISTAN