Ghana Climate Prosperity Plan

This is the Preliminary Report of Ghana’s Climate Prosperity Plan. This version aims to present to the international and national community the country’s ambition of having a development-positive climate action. The CPP embeds the aspirational pathway for Ghana from climate vulnerability to climate prosperity, meanwhile creating quality jobs, stimulating the economy while making it resilient, […]

Sri Lanka Climate Prosperity Plan

This Preliminary Report presents Sri Lanka’s Climate Prosperity Plan: a national investment strategy to carve a pathway towards prosperity in a climate-insecure world. Sri Lanka’s Climate Prosperity Plan aims to maximise socio-economic outcomes and wellbeing for the population of Sri Lanka. To do so, the strategy focuses on unlocking the maximum domestic renewable energy potential […]

Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan

The Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan counteracts climate-induced damages and losses by equipping vulnerable communities, industry and the government with the Mujib vision supported by optimized financing tools and models that will be key to embracing a new risk management paradigm that would bring about resilience and stability, especially for small businesses, vulnerable populations and the […]