Climate Prosperity Plans Fellowship Program

A Fellowship Hosted by Aroha and FFC


As part of the work of Aroha/FFC supporting climate vulnerable countries, Aroha/FFC has a partnership agreement with the Global Center on Adaptation to support the activities of the Secretariat of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and Vulnerable Group of 20 (V20). The present fellowship will help support the activities under the Secretariat’s Climate Prosperity Plans (CPP) Program. Access to climate financing remains a persistent challenge to  climate vulnerable nations striving to move from climate vulnerability to climate prosperity. Instead of promoting resilience, the current international financial architecture ends up compounding the vulnerabilities of  climate vulnerable countries. These countries likewise miss out on opportunities to secure  durable  energy security and gain access to green investments and export opportunities. The CPP Program is designed to provide a response to this situation. It designs actionable investment and implementation pathways towards climate prosperity. It puts in place opportunities to unlock new avenues for economic cooperation and innovative financing centered around ambitious and climate-smart targets that aim at optimizing core development outcomes, including boosting SDG progress. 

Scope of the Fellowship

The development of CPPs is a country-led process. CPP Fellows will be supported by Aroha/FFC to act as a liaison agent between Aroha/FFC and the national government, promoting the project at national level and facilitating the advancement of the Plan development and implementation. They will engage in consultations with their national government, examine project proposals and contribute to the writing of the Plan. As the CPP Program grows, CPP Fellows will also engage in opportunities for South-South collaboration by sharing experiences and knowledge around CPP development with representatives from other climate vulnerable countries. They will become ambassadors of their national CPP and will be enabled to carry the project onto various international platforms to garner support for the Plan’s implementation.

The CPP Fellows will conduct activities in the following areas: 

  • Act as a liaison agent between the Aroha/FFC CPP team and the national government to facilitate exchanges and the ensure the timely advancement of the development of the national CPP; 
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders in the national government to explain and advocate for the CPP agenda, enhancing awareness and endorsement for the project across relevant government agencies; 
  • Support the Aroha/FFC CPP team in the development of the national CPP by providing insights on existing national plans and projects;
  • Assist the Aroha/FFC CPP team in accessing national project documentation and data bases needed to inform the development of the national CPP;  
  • Provide strategic advice to the Aroha/FFC CPP team on the best approach to advance towards the successful adoption and implementation of the national CPP based on the Fellow’s interactions and engagement with relevant national government counterparts


CPP Fellows will be selected by Aroha/FFC on a per-country basis on the basis of available resources, starting with countries where there is established and active CPP engagement. Prospective Fellows will submit their CV and Cover Letter in English at [email protected]. Though there is no target for a specific number of fellows under this Program, Aroha/FFC will maintain a running list of eligible candidates to serve as a roster for fellows to be nominated based on the evolution of the CPP Program’s needs and available resources. 

Fellows will be selected based on the following profile requirements: CPP Fellows are nationals of and/or based in the country for which they are assigned to support the development of the CPP. They are employed by the national government or have a demonstrated network of connections within the government that enables them to effectively follow up on the advancement of the CPP with various stakeholders. They demonstrate valuable expertise on climate, renewable energy and development issues, as well as a thorough understanding of their country’s development plans and the governmental processes of relevance to national CPP development. They are fluent in English and in relevant national language(s). 

Aroha/FFC will send a letter to the country’s government nominating the designated Fellow. An endorsement letter will be required by the government to start the Fellowship, endorsing the participation of the Fellow in the Program as well as confirming that the Fellow’s allocation of time to the Program as well as the remuneration they will receive are in line with the government’s internal regulations.