Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan

Hard-fought development gains and increased productivity will continue to be undermined or reversed if the 1.5°C limit of the Paris Agreement is breached. Episodic climate-induced disasters and losses are only one subset of the threats the Bangladeshi people and industry face. The other involves slow-onset effects such as drought, sea-level rise and ocean acidification which may inflict more lasting harm to Bangladesh’s economic aspirations.
The Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan counteracts climate-induced damages and losses by equipping vulnerable communities, industry and the government with the Mujib vision supported by optimized financing tools and models that will be key to embracing a new risk management paradigm that would bring about resilience and stability, especially for small businesses, vulnerable populations and the economy. The Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan leverages the financing of the Eighth Five Year Plan 2021-2025 of Bangladesh, Vision 2041 and Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 with synergies with the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, National Adaptation Plan and Nationally Determined Contributions submitted in 2020, to unlock a pathway for a fast-tracked delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and GDP per capita growth commensurate to upper middle-income status.
The implementation of the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan can smoothen Bangladesh’s graduation with new private funds from least developed country status anticipated in 2026. This would enable diversified capital sources, including the private sector, blended finance and enhanced economic cooperation, improved market access through competitive positioning globally, export competitiveness and diversification, as well as strengthened financial protection and resilience.
The Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan shifts Bangladesh’s trajectory from one of vulnerability to resilience to prosperity (VRP). This shift must happen in the decade to 2030, yet the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan also positions Bangladesh strategically into the long-term, with this Plan including perspectives beyond 2040 to mid-century, as aligned with the Climate Vulnerable Forum Vision and the Paris Agreement.
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